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Trends that are shaping the opportunities of tomorrow

UK farming diversification
exploring opportunities for the future                                                 


This sector is projected to register a CAGR of 3.02% During the Forecast Period, 2021-2025. There were times during 2020/2021 when the entire industry came to a staggering halt. However, some restaurants remained open for delivery and takeaway.

Supply Chain 

Challenges and issues that will come under the microscope in the UK Food Supply Chains 2022+. Insufficient capacity in domestic food production, just-in-time supply chains and Brexit-related labour market challenges have weakened the UK’s food system.

Farming in the Future

The perfect storm, which is seeing a shortage of workers bringing to a halt the UK’s just-in-time supply chains in some places, as well as rising inflation adding increased costs to farms, against a backdrop of disrupted trade flows and a fierce retail price war, is causing huge challenges for people trying to run effective farm businesses.


Microalgae is rich in protein, amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins. Should we all be eating it? More than 820 million people in the world do not have enough food to eat, and since 2015 the number of undernourished people in the world has been rising for the first time in decades.

On the agenda

Plans for growth

The Department for Business Energy & Industrial Stategy (BEIS) set out a broad overview of Build Back better: Our Plan for Growth.

BEIS outlined the three pillars of the Plan for Growth – infrastructure, skills and innovation. The three priorities underpinning the plan are levelling up, net zero emissions and Global Britain.

Trade and Agriculture
Commission (TAC)

Tim Smith, Chair of TAC, emphasised that Agri-trade had to fit into national food policy, and that it was important to link into the work being undertaken by Henry Dimbleby in the National Food Strategy Independent Review. Tim outlined that his report had highlighted the importance of maintaining the UKs high food standards, but how this could potentially pose problems when liberalising trade.

The recommendations set out in the report are ambitious, but realistic, and have been ‘stress tested’ with industry. The recommendations need to be acted upon collectively, not piecemeal.

National food strategy

Henry Dimbleby echoed members sentiments on the TAC report and highlighted the recommendation from the TAC report calling for lower import tariffs for goods meeting UK food standards as being key. Henry emphasised that all the recommendations from part 1 of the National Food Strategy report are being addressed, with one exception. Part 2 will diagnose the negative feedback loops contained within the food industry and will set out policy recommendations to address them.

Update from Transition Group

Nicolas Saphir called attention to the need for the food and drink sector to make better use of evidence, data and analysis. Using data would enable the industry to identify growth export opportunities in existing/new markets and would improve the share of the domestic market. Better use of data would also address vulnerabilities and assessment of collective and individual productivity gains throughout the supply chain. On environmental sustainability, it has been shown that the costs of this are recoverable, and that we need to find ways of incentivising sustainability.

UK Gov Food & Drinks Council

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Dates for Q2 2023 diary




'Food & Grocery Trends' form the core of this Directions & Trends Briefing (the first in a series of three). It is a senior executive event where the most progressive and influential individuals across the food and grocery industries will be on the platform and in the audience. It is the ideal forum for industry leaders who want to stay on trend, share insights and develop the future direction of their business.

Sectors: Grocery & Food Service
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How is packaging design shaping the food, drink, functional health and wellbeing offering? How can creativity in packaging design drive re-purchase? How are millennials and generation Z influencing brand packaging? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed in this focus group.

Sectors: Grocery & Fast Food
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This briefing will look 10 years beyond Brexit to how Britain will evolve socially, technologically and environmentally. It will discuss how changing trends will impact food production, delving into what we’ll be eating, how we’ll be buying it, and how food will be produced. It poses the question, what impact will this have on the UK food industry and what’s needed to ensure the UK can take full advantage?

Sectors: All Sectors
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The UK Restaurant Technology "Pull Up A Chair" Show

London: 03/11/2022
Manchester: 10/11/2022 
Edinburgh: 17/11/2022

Technology leaders are pointing the way to the next wave of innovation in the restaurant. In this highly anticipated live chat, we'll explore initiatives that have made a difference to several UK operators even during a time of crisis.

Reasearch & Insight

Research, learning, information, regulatory compliance, peer networking and a rich resource of experience are all readily available for members to access.

Our research findings provide a reliable and authoritative foundation to base our findings and opinion on several key strategic issues, including the economic importance and reputation of the food industry, sustainability, competitiveness, post Brexit, innovation, trade, food safety, skills, food trends, consumer patterns, regulation and food chain policy from farm to fork.

We also develop and deliver industry-led training through a range of thought leadership events, focus groups, forums and workshops.

Future Forum

The UK Food Council 'Future Forum' is an exclusive, intelligent and authoritative space for food businesses to share ideas, build relationships and develop solutions to future challenges.

Utilising the convening power of the UK Food Council, the Future Forum explores undercurrents and emerging trends and seeks to define, explore and solve the biggest challenges food businesses, across all sectors, will face in years to come.

Dates for Q3 - Q4 2022 diary




Farming in 2030: this event explores a route to 2030 to demonstrate that with the right enabling conditions, an agroecological system could provide enough healthy food for a growing UK population. This initial forum will explore how our thinking about agroecology in this country needs to focus on five critical areas: diet, carbon, livestock, productivity and nature.

Farming, Agriculture, Grocery
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HRS22 is an exclusive member event of industry HR decision-makers dedicated to finding the best approach to achieving the HR business goals they have set out for their company. COVID-19 has created a 'new normal' that all businesses - and particularly HR departments - are now working hard to keep up with. Our industry is experiencing some of the biggest repercussions from the pandemic. 

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Our industry sector briefings offer an unrivalled way to get your target audience and your team up to date on the latest service and product offering. From informal Q&A Sessions, Sector Focus Groups to Industry Seminars, Workshops and Round Table Talks. our events team are available to leverage their research, knowledge and industry contacts to support your event hosted by us.

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Industry Focus Groups

Are you looking to increase your brand awareness, gain increased reach in a specific sector of the food industry? Do you need a 'focus group' to offer feedback on your product or service prior to launch? Would access to quantitative research help, or do you want to engage with senior food sector industry professionals?

If so, then we can probably help you with that. 




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Our community initiatives bring people and business together to educate policy and decision makers whose active participation provides the foundation for these programmes to prosper.


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