The Future of Farming 2030
Industry Sector Briefing

UK Farming 2030 is a thought leadership briefing to consider the principles behind agroecological approaches to agriculture and land management. 

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The Future of Farming 2030
Industry Sector Briefing

London: September 15 2022

This industry sector briefing will consider how farmers can transition to smarter approaches at pace and scale, analyse what hinders change from being adopted more quickly, and map out the landscape and frameworks for assessing the effectiveness of agroecological approaches.


Together with UK Food Council members and UK Govt this  briefing will explore the economic argument for regenerative farming and confirm that there is no need for a trade-off between profit and nature in an agroecological system.

This UK Farming 2030 briefing will lead on the premise that the majority of the farmers in the UK are ready for change but need clarity of vision from policy makers for a joined-up food and farming system that will allow them to transition with confidence. The business case for agroecology at a farm level is fast emerging.


Current business models are fragile and questions are growing about the climate resilience of intensive agriculture in the face of evidence of extreme weather events (NFU Harvest Survey data for 2020 reports the smallest harvest since 1981 and yields down 15-18% across key crops). Unsurprisingly given these factors, farmers are changing their mindsets and re-ordering farming systems – but they need policy changes that help them to succeed. UK Farming 2030 will navigate through this territory and provide a definitive conclusion of the economic case for agroecology.

By focusing on these areas, the debate will engage in a Q&A session to answer some key questions of our time:

•  Is it possible to provide enough nutritious food for people through agroecological farming alone? • •  What impact would this have on land use, nature, biodiversity, livestock, farming enterprises,
    food security?

•  What about health and wellbeing and meeting net zero carbon targets?

The group will also explore where further analysis and discussion is needed in order to balance different interests and hear a wider range of voices.


The intention is that this briefing will form the first step in providing much-needed evidence (drawn from all sectors of the industry and government) of agroecology’s potential to feed the UK population and allow this sector to transition away from synthetic inputs towards a natural way of farming which also frees up land for nature.

N.B Please note bookings for this event are transferable, but we ask those joining the calls to be senior or executive level and have an overview of the organisation's thinking in this space.  Numbers are limited so please book before March 17th 2022 to confirm your place.

September 15 2022

08:30 - 15:00 hrs

Southwark Street, London, SE1

Borough Station (450 yd)

Open to members and partners - bookings close on or before 4th August 2022


Daniel Rothman

Sector Leader

Headline Speaker & Panel Information


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