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Bespoke Partner / Member Focus Groups 2022

Locations across the UK - Dates by agreement

These thought-provoking partner led events provide excellent content for social media, press, whitepapers, blogs, opinion pieces etc. but, they’re also a great cost effective way of launching or refining, developing new or existing services and products.


Our Round Tables Chat’s, Focus Groups and Panel Sessions usually consist of between 12 and 24 members specifically invited to add their view and opinion to the discussion topics of interest to them and one of our partners, guided by one or two of our moderators.

Our moderator will have knowledge of the topics being discussed but often he / she will be “neutral” within the group but will be experienced in the art of facilitation so they can guide a far more open and insightful discussion. Being neutral means that they will have no preconceptions, prejudices or ego.


The nature of the events can be an excellent show case for a partner’s brand as it’s associated with thought leading and thought-provoking discussions. The partner can either participate or watch discussions quietly from a far but whichever it’s a great relationship building and business development opportunity.

These events can be limited to just those around the table or be opened up for viewing by a wider audience but, generally “Chatham House Rules” apply and we’ve used them in a variety of ways:
• As additions to conference, event, or exhibition agendas, enabling delegates to contribute to proceedings, while also learning from their peers, perhaps discussing best-practice.
• To provide insight for thought leadership by identifying, defining, and clarifying issues.
• As part of a campaign or initiative that is being run to promote debate, secure engagement, and change perceptions.


The topic for the roundtable is jointly identified in advance and if necessary, we will provide resources to develop the content. We will also agree with the partner the objectives they want to realise from the session. The partner can position three senior executives in each session to make presentation and contribute to the exchange of views and commentary. We will create the agenda for the session. The session is normally 2 – 3 hours long and can include a buffet breakfast or lunch.
The events can be formal or informal, dress code can be dictated and the venue can be styled to capture the partner's corporate livery.


Our events are high value with rich content, short to the point, engaging and enabling sessions which enable all participants to reflect on current strategies, planning or work practices, they always add value and are often oversubscribed. From our members point of view, it’s a highly valued networking, thought provoking leadership and learning (every day is a school day) opportunity.

To be agreed

TBA but circa 2-3 hours duration

To be agreed

Open to members and hosted by a partner and UK Food Council


To learn more about how our focus, panel groups and workshops are created and the results they have achieved hit one of buttons opposite.

These event are positioned under our 2022 executive industry training programme