The Future of Food 2030

What we eat and how we grow it are changing

Food Production Sector

The Future of Food 2030

London: 06 April 2023

Conference will look 10 years beyond Brexit to how Britain will evolve socially, technologically and environmentally. It will discuss how changing trends will impact food production, delving into what we’ll be eating, how we’ll be buying it, and how food will be produced. It poses the question, what impact will this have on the UK food industry and what’s needed to ensure the UK can take full advantage?


The need to feed a growing population, tackle hunger and obesity and avoid trashing the planet is driving the next food and agricultural revolution. This conference will highlight the importance of establishing a future domestic agricultural policy that enables the food industry to increase its productivity, profitability and resilience in the future, which will be crucial for businesses to thrive in an increasingly volatile world.

Food production in the UK is on the brink of a revolution which will see the food we eat and how we produce it undergo a huge change. Advances in technology and the challenges of a changing society are already creating new opportunities across all sectors as people’s preferences for what they eat and how they buy it shift on a scale perhaps never seen before.

The food UK farmers produce will be dictated by what people in this country, and overseas, want to eat. As a result, significant shifts in eating habits have the potential to have a profound impact on farm businesses. The way the retail sector evolves will also change the way farmers work with their customers, both directly and indirectly. Insights highlighted during conference into future trends will help farmers anticipate, and adapt to, future market demands.

There is a strong link between agricultural and horticultural productivity and investment and the uptake of innovation. Given the need for the industry to address the so called “productivity challenge”, it is right that we look to the future to gain a better understanding of the technological possibilities that will be available. It is in the interests of farm businesses to be early adopters of new tools and practices like those outlined during conference to enable them to be more competitive and meet the needs of consumers. It is clear that new management practices, polices and knowledge exchange will be needed, as well as innovative products, to achieve this.

Agriculture in the UK has been in a constant state of flux and change for centuries in response to the changing needs of society, shifts in policy, and economics. However, developments over the next decade could escalate change at a more rapid pace than has been seen for several decades. The continuing consolidation of farm businesses; a wave of new and exciting technologies; a generational changeover of the ageing farming population; and the removal of direct support in its current form, will gradually create a transformation of farm businesses over the next 10 years.

Optimism and excitement exist in all parts of the food industry – from field to fork – about the opportunities presented by changes in technology which we will hear about during conference. The food industry, could be early adopters of many new areas of innovation. The agri-food sector is generally seen as a good place to invest for innovation and technology companies as it is, quite literally, a growing industry where there is huge global potential to plug productivity gaps, meet customers’ increasing demands and evolving tastes, and optimise systems with new emerging solutions.

N.B Please note bookings for this event are transferable, but we ask those joining the calls to be senior or executive level and have an overview of the organisation's thinking in this space.  Numbers are limited so please book before April 17th 2022 to confirm your place.




06 April 2023

09:20 - 15:00 hrs

Great Russell Street, London, WC1B

Tottenham Court Rd Station (250 yd)

Open to members and partners - bookings close on or before 17th March 2023


Mark Harris
Partner Food UK

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