The UK Restaurant Technology 'Chat Show'

For many, 2020/21 will go down in history as the period the restaurant sector changed and maybe forever. It could also be remembered as the time restaurants absorbed a decade’s worth of technological evolution in the span of a few months.

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The Restaurant Technology 'Chat Show'
London - Manchester - Edinburgh

London: April 07 2022 I Manchester: April 28 2022 
Edinburgh: May 5 2022

But the next few years will be all about using technology to create a greater restaurant experience. We don’t just mean faster service and the ability to pay for meals on your smart device. The most valuable restaurant technology in the future should also create safer dining and working environments, help reduce food and packaging waste, promote healthier eating, diet control, and create new and more fulfilling jobs.

So, in order to be more successful, restaurants will need to understand how technology can support and help to develop their business. This Restaurant Technology Chat Show will bring together the most important players from across the restaurant industry, from large QSRs and independent establishments to ghost kitchen providers and companies creating the next generation technology stack for restaurants.

Together, our members, partners and an invited panel group of industry leaders will discuss not only how they survived the chaos of the last few years but also what they are planning to do to first of all survive and then secondly achieve greater success and help our members to learn from their thinking as they move forward into a digital-first era for restaurants.

The Restaurant Technology Chat Show will feature founders from building new platforms, to those leading the digital innovation efforts for the largest chains in the country, to chefs and operators using these tools everyday, we’ll have leaders from every side of the restaurant business come together to discuss how technology will transform business and operational models over the next decade.

A line up of speakers participating in some of the panel group talks are from companies: Caprice Holdings, Wagamama, McDonald's, YUM Group, Caprice Holdings, The Big Table, Fullers and CH&Co, and we’ll be keeping you updated over the next several weeks as more participants are added and the full agenda is released.

April 07 2022

09:00 - 15:00 hrs

Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A
Holborn Station (450 yd)

Open to members and partners - bookings will close on 10/03/2022


Jill Maclean
Director Communciations

Headline Speaker & Panel Information


To learn more about who will be joining us by adding their weight to this sector chat show including the agenda, speakers forum, headliners, the content and 'take aways' you can expect on April 14th 2022, hit one of the buttons opposite.

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This event is positioned under our 2022 executive industry training programme