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UK Food Supply Chain
Member Briefing

London: November 24 2022

The food supply chain has become the singular most important operation within the industry over recent months - by some margin it will determine who will gain significant advantage in specific sectors. In the face of adversity, supply chains have demonstrated the enormous role they play in organisations’ success. Now is the time to capitalise on gains made.

The UK imports more groceries than it exports, through a network of global, complex supply chains. 

And as national politics and trade become increasingly turbulent and extreme weather events and rapid climate change become the norm, it is important to test and identify improvements to the grocery supply chains and infrastructure that will ensure the resilience of the country’s food sources.

Our Food Supply Chain Unit (FSCU) ensures we champion the issues that matter most to the sector, as we lobby and speak out in the media and take forward the pillars of our UK Industry Agenda. The FSC Unit brings together regional food and drink industry leaders to help shape the business voice on key issues and challenges for the sector; such as the impact of COVID-19, continued frictionless trade of ingredients and goods post-Brexit, the Apprenticeship Levy reform, immigration and shaping an R&D system that fosters innovation.

The FSC Unit is unique. It engages CEOs, CFOs and Directors representing firms from the full farm to fork supply chain – farmers and manufacturers, through to packaging, hospitality and logistics firms.

It provides a forum for you to join policy experts and peers from across your industry to discuss and inform the government’s strategies on areas including:

• Learning from the trading patterns experienced in during the first 3 quarters of 2022
• Post-Brexit issues continuing to impact on the sectors
• Packing materials resources and waste
• Development in information technology
• Labour resources and shortages

This event is exclusive to UK Food Council Members. It will be of particular interest to senior executives, including agricultural productivity, nutrition, exports, workforce and skills, innovation, logistics and packaging.

Please note bookings for this event are transferable, but we ask those joining the calls to be senior or executive level and have an overview of the organisation's thinking in this space.  Numbers are limited so please book before the 14th October 2022 to confirm your place.

November 24 2022
Yet To Open

09:20 - 15:00 hrs

Southwark Street, London, SE1

Borough Station (450 yd)

Open to members and partners - bookings close on or before 14th October 2022


Jill Maclean
Director Communciations

Headline Speaker & Panel Information


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