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Campaigns & Initiavives

With so much diversity in the UK food industry, we have created several initiaitves to bring various sectors of the industry together, to exchange ideas and form partnerships to drive innovation. Here are a few of them.

FOOD 2030 was initiated against a backdrop of the UK 2030 Agenda to End Food Poverty ('Tell Everyone Campaign') and the report from the Fabian Society (2015) 'A Recipe for Inequality'. Food 2030 is the collective exchange of views, opinions and actions required to achieve food security, improve nutrition in school children and low income adults and to end food poverty in the UK by 2030.

The Cloche Training Initiative. In association with a renowned academic partner the UK Food Council will soon be launching the Cloche Training Initiative. Cloche is an apprenticeship scheme providing modern day training and work opportunities for people of all ages. It is aimed at those who are either entering or who are in the early days in the food service industry, on a part or full times basis.

Combating Obesity Group (COG) Combating the obesity trend will require society to think differently. For government and business, it means creating an environment that encourages healthier eating and physical activity. For individuals and families, it could mean eating less and moving more. It will require a major shift in thinking, not just by government, but by individuals, families, business and society as a whole. So a big ask ! COG is an enabler, an authoritative voice, a mover and shaker and an idea generator with a singular focus on combating obesity in the UK.

We fast-track funding for promising ideas. We work with our partners and incubate innovation through the R&D accelerator platform. This brings together a group of scientists, students and startups to advance science and technology with the objective of accelerating the development of trend-based products and systems.

Food Education is a new initiative from the UK Food Council. Its purpose is to educate and encourage people of all ages to be more aware of the rich variety of food that is available at a point of sale either at a supermarket, high street shop, farmers market or online. But most importantly Food Ed is about how to prepare and cook fresh food, have fun with it and experiment with it.

Farming can be a good way of life, but it is a demanding and stressful occupation. So it’s not surprising that many people involved with agriculture can feel isolated, depressed or unable to cope as well as usual. The Council is in the process of developing a community network to provide help and support for people in the farming sector to help them to overcome and manage their way through their illness.

The New Next is our association with a renowned academic business partner, a leader in their field. It is a member facility for dynamic and ambitious business leaders to join this small forum. In the new normal New Next will take a look at the pressing issues of the ‘business day’ and what the options and solutions are. As leaders are taking the dynamics of a changing workforce and a changing business climate and asking themselves pointed questions, New Next will help to address these issues and offer a fresh perspective on them.

I Am In
Pro-Bono Support

Every year, we campaign for the better and shed light on a specific topic we stand for and care about. This year we are seeking to raise awareness for pro-bono engagements. 

For us, pro bono engagements are an excellent opportunity to share our skills to benefit people, the planet and society. Via unique stories that we will launch in 2022, consultants and nonprofit partners will share insights and experiences from past pro-bono work. We invite everybody to learn more about the topics, forms of collaboration and the impact of donating time and skills to benefit actual helpers: nonprofits, social start-ups, food-banks and charities.

Finally, we will celebrate the grand finale of this campaign with 'I Am In', which is a great learning opportunity for nonprofit staff and volunteers. In a series of webinars, hosted by our consultants and partners, we will share insights into various topics across a range of topics. Nonprofit staff and volunteers are invited to join any of the free-of-charge sessions and talk with us.

Now, let’s go! Be sure to follow the story updates.




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