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Join the UK Food Council - where information is gained and industry connections are made

Membership Lite has been created for those businesses who serve other industries in addition to the food industry and therefore require only a 'helicopter view' of the current issues, news, trends, and developments in the UK food industry.

Keep abreast of significant developments in the UK and global food industry, from farm to fork. Stay informed and get a 'heads up' on emerging trends, opportunities, and risks with collective thinking, expert commentary and analysis you can trust.

Membership Lite is a subscription based service, open to all operators and suppliers across the food industry.

'Membership Lite' is £55 per month or £489 per year

On submission you will be directed to the subscription section.

You can upgrade your Membership Lite status at any time.

If you elect to subscribe monthly then the event activities
shown opposite will only become available after the third month.

Connect: If you're looking to connect to develop and influence your network in the food industry across all or any one sector, as well as improving your industry knowledge, influence and skills, then join the 'membership lite' community.

There are over 18,000 of us and we're all captured by the diversity and dynamics of this fabulous industry - we believe better informed decision makers develop smarter businesses and lead to a burgeoning food economy.

Membership Lite enables your business to:

Receive industry insight reports highlighting the emerging issues, trends, risks and opportunities in the UK and global food industry.

Nominate one company executive to attend one of the scheduled UK Food Council Briefings in any 12-month period or Host one Focus Group Briefing per annum.

Get the Editor's Choice: a weekly interview featuring one of the industry's leading figures with an insight to their business and the issues they have overcome.

Submit your news, opinion, views, and company announcements to the membership.

Hosting your own event? The Council will promote your event and help you to acquire your delegate audience.

Expert view. When you need an experienced food industry speaker to address your audience, shareholders, or front line team the Council can provide the right people who can speak with an authoritative industry voice.

Seminars: Engage with the UK Food Council to co-host a half day seminar - the Council will source the delegate audience of up to 22 guests, set the agenda, orchestrate proceedings, and secure the venue in a given location.

Panel Groups: Attend one UK Food Council briefing as a guest participant on the Panel Group Speaker platform - all relevant to your area of expertise and industry sector activity.

You will gain ample opportunity to showcase your expertise, innovation and thought leadership on the areas you are making a difference in, elevate your knowledge and lead by example.


Join us as a Member or a Partner


The Engine Room of the industry - the Membership Programme is a platform for individuals and organisations working directly in the food industry, from the front line to the CEO's office, across each sector of the industry from 'farm to fork' to engage with the industry body that looks after their commercial interests, feeds them with insight, provides an array of resources, and a 'dial pad' of industry connections.


Our upper level of membership – the Partnership Programme is a platform for commercial suppliers to build and strengthen relationships with key industry stakeholders, corporate decision makers and fledgling start-ups right across the UK Food Industry from farm to fork. Through their participation in various UK Food Council work groups, Partners gain a unique insight into the industry priorities.




See the latest news, issues, topics and research across the UK agriculture, farming and fishing sectors. Participate in the debate. Connect with sector members. 


To discover what's current and what's coming down the line in the UK manufacturing, production and processing sectors log in here. Join in the conversation on today's issues. 


Connect with your peers and business leaders in the food service and hospitality sectors. Understand the trends and consumer demands affecting FoH and BoH operations.


Get a top down view on where change is taking place in this sector. Engage with industry leaders. Gain a better understanding on how this and other industry sectors are developing.




Membership stretches across the UK food industry, sector by sector and  includes the biggest names, leading brands, start-ups, entrepreneurs, academics and business leaders.


We apply our insight, knowledge, and expertise in a “just for you” approach to unlock exclusive training and skills development opportunities for people in our member organisations.


Our industry-driven agenda, research and thought leadership sets the stage for the events programme which offers objective insight that gets to grips with the issues that impact on  the sectors across the industry. 


Our community initiatives bring people and business together to educate policy and decision makers whose active participation provides the foundation for these programmes to prosper.


As it says on the tin - Connections - connects pre-qualified UK food producers with a host of trusted buyers across relevant sectors of the industry - who are hungry to buy great produce or services.


All under one title: Quest provides food industry opinion pieces, editorial contributions, industry leader interviews, op-eds, social media chatter, food and restaurant reviews.


Collectively with our partners we keep our members on trend and better informed about industry issues, and business opportunities enabling them to make better informed decisions.


Our Insight sector commentary provides food industry decision makers with independent, well informed insight and opinion based on the analysis contained within the Insight reports.

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