We value the working relationship we have with our business partners. They form a select group of companies within our industry who provide vital services, support and products to our members. 

We deliver actionable, objective insight
to industry executives and their teams

Explore the tailored partnership options and services designed to guide, support, and grow your business. Gain exclusive access to research, knowledge, regulatory compliance, tap into a community of executives and network with industry veterans and thought leaders. Get answers to the latest industry challenges, make great connections, and engage with the members.

Partnership brings value

With our partners we collectively keep our members on trend and better informed about the industry issues, business opportunities, enabling them to make better informed decisions.

Partners harness the value of their partnership by supporting the membership in the food industry sector most relevant to the service or product they offer via the Partner Centre.

Join the community that reaches across the entire UK food industry including the biggest names, the start-ups, leading brands, entrepreneurs, academics, and industry leaders. Your partnership will bring you a unique insight, intel, forecasting, news, and connections to like-minded industry professionals, all leading to an increase in an understanding of the issues, challenges and development emerging from the heart of the industry - enabling you to make better informed decisions and industry connections leading to actionable solutions for success.

Connecting all of the UK food industry into one basket – the UK Food Council

What's in it for you?

As a partner you will join the collaborative hub for leaders and decision makers who work in the UK food industry. Partnership provides organisations and companies with the unique opportunity to work in collaboration with the Council to promote excellence across each sector of the UK food industry.

The partner community is united in the spirit of alliance, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Its function is to support the member community tackle, and address business issues of the day and provide the members with insight into product developments, and services that will benefit the member’s business and in turn their clients and customers.

Partnership offers inspiring content, advice, invaluable connections, and ideas that make an impact, inaccessible anywhere else...

An overview of what partnership provides:

sector reports to help you stay ahead of the curve: gain from Industry Insights, research findings, market trends reporting, data analysis and sector by sector developments.

connections to help you develop business opportunities: providing industry connections at all levels across all sectors from industry leaders, board executives to management contact points.

engagement with industry thought leaders:
access our group of informed opinion leaders and go-to people from across the industry. Trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; and know and will show how to replicate their success.

gain pre-launch opinion: deploy our Focus Group's to refine or further develop your product or service prior to launch.

develop your team's skill sets: via our virtual and physical workshop training programmes.

food development: work with our development chefs for ideas, insight and control or options on the latest trends.

access to buyers: from face-to-face engagement to presentations and demonstrations at our focus groups, seminars, briefings.

advocacy: legislation, approvals, compliance and standards,

search documents, templates, policies and more, on everything specific to each one of the industry sectors. Have a chat with one of our advocates who will appraise your position and offer advice.

recruitment: we can help call upon a significant resource of candidates and host an initial interview and appraisal.

increased market awareness and visibility: our in house marketing team and external PR firm will conduct interviews, gain media coverage, and may include you on the roster of speakers, invite you to sector specific roundtables, workshops and relevant briefings.

introductions to partners with investment funding: a dedicated investment funding platform with a simple application process, impartial financial advice and support, exclusive to partners and members.

an authoritative industry voice: our amplified voice conveys and echoes our issues and concerns on local and national government legislation.

access to three of our hosted events: join us at up to three of our hosted events, briefings, seminars, workshops in any quarterly month period.

If any one of these partnership benefits have caught your interest contact us for a brief chat, an exchange of emails, or complete the partner application from here.

Or learn more, take a look at the fees.

Our partners are some of the most respected companies around. They work with us to deliver reports, surveys, events, conferences and campaigns - supporting us in helping the UK Food industry to grow, innovate and prosper. Our collective and extensive knowledge of the food industry means on the macro level we’re able to accurately forecast the direction of travel of the industry sector by sector and on the flip side at a micro level help and support individual food business to develop. 

If you feel that your business could lend benefit and advantage to our members by achieving partnership status then make your application from here, we will take a look at what you have to say and if it meets our partner criteria then we will invite you to talk further with us and a few of our members.


- take a moment to learn a little more
or make your application from here

A Seat at the Table

Partner status with the UK Food confirms your company’s commitment to a shared, purpose-driven agenda, and will be seen positively in the eyes of our members, external stakeholders, media and your audience. This will not only raise your profile with external stakeholders, and your target audience. And, for those looking to lead from the front, you can gain access to strategy-driven focus groups and sector working committees.

Top Down Bottom Up

Our members are at the forefront of change. They are either directly involved in the development of or are the first to access the new tools created by those working within our strategic initiatives. From solution-led workshops to case study walk arounds, toolkits and guides, partnership gives you ground-floor access to these important channels for best-practice and knowledge sharing. It’s also an opportunity to get close to our members strategic thinking.

Be in Demand

We work directly with the senior executives and decision makers of our member companies, from CEOs to IT and Supply Chain Directors to Farmers, Chief Sustainability Officers and Professors to Environmental Health experts. Around 150 business leaders are actively involved in our working groups and expert committees.

Be Part of the Action
We provide our members and partners with updates on the progress and achievements of our activities and keep them informed about opportunities of how to get involved in the collaborative initiatives, events and business opportunities. Members and partners also have exclusive access to key industry events which brings together industry sector leaders and senior executives.

Bringing It All Together

The partnership community brings together representatives from public, private, and academic sectors, for the purpose of top-level meaningful discussion and debate, focussing on the issues that affect each sector of the UK food industry.

No More Guessing

Work with us to address common issues collaboratively with actionable and tangible solutions on key industry issues to support our members: food sustainability, food safety, end-to-end value chain, human resource development, deployment of information technology, manufacturing processing, front of house resources, food trends, consumer expectations and the initiatives we continue to build on.

The Industry 'Do Tank'

Be part of this industry do-tank that is helping to shape new tools, standards and common positions on the key, non-competitive, strategic, and operational issues affecting our industry. Work with your members and partners, and benefit from the power of many, to increase consumer trust and efficiency across the industry, while supporting sustainable business growth. Such advances can lead to reduced complexity and help reduce costs across all sectors.



The partnership community has been developed to facilitate opportunities for partners and members to network and engage with each other, and to channel expert opinion and feedback that supports the exchange of ideas and knowledge from which the UK food industry can gain benefit and advantage.

Strategic Partnership

Is the platform for commercial suppliers to build and strengthen relationships with key industry stakeholders, corporate decision makers and fledgling start-ups. Through their participation in various UK Food Council work groups, Strategic Partners gain a unique insight into the industry priorities, sector by sector.

Strategic Partners benefit from the exchange of dialogue with members, hosting top-level meaningful discussions and debates and taking part in cross-sector ‘Think Tank’ style initiatives, through debate, research, workshops and consultations - with industry leaders.

Strategic Partner fees are £485 per month

Research & Education Partners

Selected UK universities, colleges, science parks and food research laboratories make up the Research & Education Partnership. Their relevant knowledge, resources and experience contribute to the workings of this group as they look to build a closer working relationship with industry.

These knowledge-based entities provide a connection between our industry and the academic world by sharing research, resources and actively participating in our discussions, workshops and consultations.

In return this group benefit from direct communication with council members and partners, which has previously lead to access to funding opportunities, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Academic Partner fees are £280 per month

Knowledge Partners

Knowledge Partners are organisations with particular expertise and knowledge in a specific food industry sector. Individually and collectively, they collaborate and support the strategic aims of the UK Food Council and the membership.

Knowledge Partners contribute to the membership community by bringing their expertise to the table via participation in discussions and debates with the members and partners.  Knowledge Partners are invited to participate in strategic level briefings and roundtable sessions that align with their company’s area of expertise, as well as research projects, workshops and consultations.

Knowledge Partners are also invited to contribute to the wider Food UK Connections programme within UK Government.

Knowledge Partner fees are £365 per month

Public Sector Partners

Our Public Sector Partners are selected organisations which offer a public sector perspective to the members.

The Public Sector Partners play a key role within the membership community by offering their insight into the sector discussions and debates, ensuring a wider representation across specific industry issues. 

Public Sector Partners benefit from collaboration and knowledge sharing with the members. They also have the opportunity to put forward public sector viewpoints on the key issues facing the UK food industry.

Public Sector Partners fees are £220 per month

No Annual Partnership Fees
There is no annual contract. Fees are monthly based on a minimum of a 90 day period for each partnership cycle. You can opt out of your partner status by giving 30 days notice in advance prior to the end of your 90-day cycle. Therafter you can pop in and out of your account on a month by month basis, to suit your business dynamics. Partnership fees are billed monthly in advance.




See the latest news, issues, topics and research across the UK agriculture, farming and fishing sectors. Participate in the debate. Connect with sector members. 


To discover what's current and what's coming down the line in the UK manufacturing, production and processing sectors log in here. Join in the conversation on today's issues. 


Connect with your peers and business leaders in the food service and hospitality sectors. Understand the trends and consumer demands affecting FoH and BoH operations.


Get a top down view on where change is taking place in this sector. Engage with industry leaders interviews. Offer your views on how you see this sector developing.




Membership stretches across the UK food industry, sector by sector and  includes the biggest names, leading brands, start-ups, entrepreneurs, academics and business leaders.


We apply our insight, knowledge, and expertise in a “just for you” approach to unlock exclusive training and skills development opportunities for people in our member organisations.


Our industry-driven agenda, research and thought leadership sets the stage for the events programme which offers objective insight that gets to grips with the issues that impact on  the sectors across the industry. 


Our community initiatives bring people and business together to educate policy and decision makers whose active participation provides the foundation for these programmes to prosper.


As it says on the tin - Connections - connects pre-qualified UK food producers with a host of trusted buyers across relevant sectors of the industry - who are hungry to buy great produce or services.


All under one title: Quest provides food industry opinion pieces, editorial contributions, industry leader interviews, op-eds, social media chatter, food and restaurant reviews.


Collectively with our partners we keep our members on trend and better informed about industry issues, and business opportunities enabling them to make better informed decisions.


Our Insight sector commentary provides food industry decision makers with independent, well informed insight and opinion based on the analysis contained within the Insight reports.

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