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Explore the tailored membership programmes and services designed to guide, support, and grow your business. Gain exclusive access to research, knowledge, regulatory compliance, tap into a community of executives and network with industry veterans and thought-leaders. Get answers to the latest industry challenges, make great connections and see what trends and issues are emerging.

Membership makes a difference

Join the membership that reaches across the entire UK food industry including the biggest names, the start-ups, leading brands, entrepreneurs, academics, and industry leaders. Your membership will bring you a unique insight, intel, forecasting, news, and connections to like-minded industry professionals, all leading to an increase in an understanding of the issues, challenges and development emerging from the heart of the industry - enabling you to make better informed decisions leading to actionable solutions for success.

Connecting all of the UK food industry into one basket – the UK Food Council

What's in it for you?
Membership provides access to a raft of facilities within the industry, including insights, research, training, advocacy, recruitment. You'll also connect to a formidable community of companies and individuals working across the entire UK food industry.

You choose the membership that is right for you and/or your business. When required you can work with one of our specialist teams on personalised actions that help to address your unique issue’s.

Membership offers inspiring content, advice, invaluable connections, and ideas that make an impact, inaccessible anywhere else...

An overview of what membership provides:

reporting to help you stay ahead of the curve: gain from Industry Insights, research findings, market trends reporting, data analysis and sector by sector developments.

connections to help you develop business opportunities: providing industry connections at all levels across all sectors from industry leaders, board executives to management contact points.

engagement with industy thought leaders:
access our group of informed opinion leaders and go-to people from across the industry. Trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; and know and will show how to replicate their success.

gain pre-launch opinion: engage in our Focus Group's and discover developing products and services emerging from our partners prior to launch.

develop your team's skill sets: via our virtual and physical workshop training programmes.

inventory control & procurement: our procurement team will offer advice, options and approved suppliers to work with.

food development: work with our development chefs for inventory control or options on alternative seasonal menu's.

access to buyers: from face to face engagement to presentaions and demonstrations at our workshops, seminars, briefings.

advocacy: legislation, approvals, complicance and standards,

search documents, templates, policies and more, on everything specific to each one of the industry sectors. Have a chat with one of our advocates who will appraise your position and offer advice.

recruitment: working with our partners we can call upon a significant resource of candidates and host an initial interview and appriasal.

increased market awareness and visability: our in house marketing team and external PR firm will conduct interviews, gain media coverage, and may include you on the roster of speakers, invite you to sector specific roundtables, and relevant industry briefings.

introductions to partners with investment funding: a dedicated investment funding platform with a simple application process, impartial financial advice and support, exclusively to members.

an authoritative industry voice: our amplified voice conveys and echoes industry issues and concerns on local and national government legislation.

access to three of our hosted events: join us at up to three of our hosted events, briefings, seminars, workshops in any twelve month period.

If any one of these membership benefits has caught your interest contact us for a brief chat, an exchange of emails, or complete the member appplication from here.

Or learn more, take a look at the fees.

Member Support

We are a 'performance improvement' partner to member businesses across the industry. We develop services to meet individual needs, whether they are focused on: Production - to increase output, or control, Logistics - to manage inventory, Operational efficiency – to optimise productivity, People to ensure your team have the required skill sets, Finance and systems to ensure you have the right management information and Marketing – to retain and win customers.

Grow with Us

Membership is flat monthly fee per individual, charged quarterly in advance and once registered you can 'hop in and out' of your membership status without penalty. Company wide membership is available - so let's see what we can agree on.

Every day is a school day
We do ask that members consider offering their experience (good or bad), and know how, to the wider membership when invited to do so.

Partner Support

The in-house teams are supported by our Partners who are experts in their field. Partners provide professional services to our members on a wide range of issues from: legal matters, property negotiations, human resources, information technology, environmental health, interior and industrial design, branding, marketing, investment funding to exporting.


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How to join?

Decide which of the membership options is the one that will benefit you or your business, you can always upgrade later. Simply register your interest and we will consider your application. The application process takes 14-21 working days. We will contact you if we have any further questions about your application.

Remote Member

Remote Member: provides industry newsletter and headline issues and topics to your inbox – open to all.
This is free of fees.

Corporate Member: Premium

Corporate Member Premium: provides access to all membership services for up to four nominated people in any one business. This includes all service and entry by invitation to three events held over twelve months. For organisations with an annual turnover of between £5 - 19m.
The fee is £690.00 per month.

Individual Member

Individual Member: provides access to all of the membership services for one named individual. It includes entry to events, briefings, focus groups and conferences.
The fee is £199.00 per month.

Corporate Member: Elite

Corporate Member Elite: provides access to all membership services for up to six nominated people in any one business. This includes all service and entry by invitation to three events held over twelve months. For organisations with an annual turnover in excess of £20m.
The fee is £890.00 per month.

Corporate Member: Prime

Corporate Member Prime: provides access to all membership services for up to four nominated people in any one business. This includes all service and entry by invitation to three events held over twelve months. For organisations with an annual turnover below £5m.
The fee is £380.00 per month.

Interest Group Membership

Academic Membership Press/Media NGA’s provides access to all membership services for one nominated person in any one organisation. This includes all service and entry by invitation to three events held over twelve months. The fee is by way of an exchange of intellectual capital to be agreed individually with each application.


We hope we can welcome you into the membership community.

Member Application

If what you have read has gained your interest and you believe that you can and will gain deeper insight into the sector of the food industry you work in and the industry as a whole, then complete this short application. Our member selection panel will consider how member status can be of benefit to you or your organistion and the membership as a whole. If successful, you will be invited to talks to enable both parties to gain a full understanding of the opportunities available. Our member selection panel meets every 14 days so please bear this in mind if you do not hear back from us immediately with a decision. No fees are required at this stage.

Dates for Q1 2022 diary




'Food & Grocery Trends' form the core of this Directions & Trends Briefing (the first in a series of three). It is a senior executive event where the most progressive and influential individuals across the food and grocery industries will be on the platform and in the audience. It is the ideal forum for industry leaders who want to stay on trend, share insights and develop the future direction
of their business.

Sectors: Grocery & Food Service
Status: Open to Members




How is packaging design shaping the food, drink, functional health and wellbeing offering? How can creativity in packaging design drive re-purchase? How are millennials and generation Z influencing brand packaging? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed in this focus group will address.

Sectors: Grocery & Fast Food
Status: Private Partner Event by Invitation Only




The FOOD 2030 initiative connects the 'whole food value chain' by linking 'land and sea' producers to consumers and 'farm-to- fork to gut and back'. In doing so it focuses heavily upon  scale up, digitisation, and promoting open innovation, education and skills. This is the first in a series of four events across in Q2 & Q3 2022.

Sectors: All Sectors
Status: Open to Members




See the latest news, issues, topics and research across the UK agriculture, farming and fishing sectors. Participate in the debate. Connect with sector members. 


To discover what's current and what's coming down the line in the UK manufacturing, production and processing sectors log in here. Join in the conversation on today's issues. 


Connect with your peers and business leaders in the food service and hospitality sectors. Understand the trends and consumer demands affecting FoH and BoH operations.


Get a top down view on where change is taking place in this sector. Engage with industry leaders interviews. Offer your views on how you see this sector developing.




Membership stretches across the UK food industry, sector by sector and  includes the biggest names, leading brands, start-ups, entrepreneurs, academics and business leaders.


We apply our insight, knowledge, and expertise in a “just for you” approach to unlock exclusive training and skills development opportunities for people in our member organisations.


Our industry-driven agenda, research and thought leadership sets the stage for the events programme which offers objective insight that gets to grips with the issues that impact on  the sectors across the industry. 


Our community initiatives bring people and business together to educate policy and decision makers whose active participation provides the foundation for these programmes to prosper.


As it says on the tin - Connections - connects pre-qualified UK food producers with a host of trusted buyers across relevant sectors of the industry - who are hungry to buy great produce or services.


All under one title: Quest provides food industry opinion pieces, editorial contributions, industry leader interviews, op-eds, social media chatter, food and restaurant reviews.


Collectively with our partners we keep our members on trend and better informed about industry issues, and business opportunities enabling them to make better informed decisions.


Our Insight sector commentary provides food industry decision makers with independent, well informed insight and opinion based on the analysis contained within the Insight reports.

A UK Food Council initiative to eliminate food poverty in the UK, supported by: